Affiliate Management Committee (AMC)

    The Affiliate Management Committee (AMC) is committed to providing sound governance, oversight and strategic management to ensure long term provision of athletic programs for Calgarians with an intellectual disability.

Current members include:


  ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                  ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223   
            Chair: Val Wahl                  Vice Chair: Siobhan Goguen 
        ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                            ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                             ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223  
 Past Chair: Garry McCulloch                 Treasurer: Ben Spademan                    Secretary: Dick Cooke
         ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                           ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                        ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223    
                  Member: Jack Gregory                        Member: Dallas Kitt                      Member: Greg Tapuska               
ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                            ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223                         ABOUT-image-coming-soon 2223  

                            Member: Diane Luttmer                   Member: Karen Saunders            Athlete representative: Mark Evans         







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Pinnovate DIY Night

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LETR Polar Plunge

Saturday, February 24, 2018  

Athlete Conference

Saturday, April 14, 2018
On Health and Safety