Athlete Leadership Committee (ALC)

     Our athletes are essential to the success of Special Olympics Calgary. In 2008, the Calgary Athlete Leadership Committee (ALC) was created to embrace the athletes' perspective in a unified goal by providing the athletes a meaningful, honest and safe environment to have their voice heard within Special Olympics Calgary. Throughout the years, each one of our leadership committee athletes have had the opportunity to share their story and promote Special Olympics Calgary to the community.

Current members include:
Nelson Chizmadia
    Mark Evans

    Leonka Kaluha
    Allie Price
    Jeff Riddell
    Jennifer Riddell
    Emily Ross

    Rachel Ryan
    Katie Saunders
    Spencer Stevens

    Wade Watson


Upcoming Events

CCC Slo-pitch Tournament

August 12th - 13th



2017-2018 Registration

Saturday, September 9th, 2017
More details coming soon